Selling Silver Coins in Mequon, WI

One aspect of our business at AC Zuckerman Jewelers is buying silver coins. In this post we will tell you how we access the value of silver coins and what you need to know to get the highest payout for your silver coins and your silver coin collections.

Silver coin value can be calculated in three different ways:

  1.  Face Value
  2. Intrinsic value
  3. Numismatic value

For example, a George Washington Silver Quarter has a face value of $.25 cents. If it was minted before 1965 it contains 90% silver, therefore has an intrinsic value. Intrinsic silver value fluctuates with precious metal markets that in turn changes on daily basis. Numismatic Value of George Washington Silver Quarters is accessed looking at the year of production, location of the mint where the coin was produced and coins’ condition. Some coins were minted and sold directly to coin dealers, while others  George Washington Silver Quarters have been minted in limited production numbers, therefore in uncirculated conditions they have a higher Numismatic or Collector Value.

When we talk about silver coins, we are usually talking about pre-1965 US made Half Dollars, Quarters and Dimes that are 90% silver. After 1965, US Government stopped using silver in coins. The only exception is a Kennedy Half Dollar. From 1965 until 1969, Kennedy Half Dollars were made with 40% silver content, thus, their value is calculated based on the value of silver. As AC Zuckerman Jewelers buys silver coins we evaluate all three silver coin values.

In addition after 1970, some Commemorative Collectible Coins were struck with 90% of silver content.

We take the face value of the coin and multiply it by the current spot price of silver (current spot price of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium changes on daily basis). Current spot price of silver can be checked online.

Sellers beware, many of your silver coins may have additional Numismatic (Collector Value) significantly higher than just its silver value. Selling your coins to AC Zuckerman Jewelers who is a reputable and a well- established Mequon coin dealer is important for you as you we are backed by over 50 years of combined experience and can offer some of the the highest payouts allowed by Precious Metals Market.

To help you determine which coins have higher collectible value please visit our AC Zuckerman Jewelers location at 1340 W Mequon Rd, Mequon, WI or call us at 262-240-0111 for additional information.

As a your local Jewelry and Coin Buying Dealer we warn you to beware selling your coin collection to out of town buyers, as they always have high overhead costs and take a hit and run attitude as they move around the country and have a limited collectible coin buying experience.

AC Zuckerman Jewelers is your Mequon Wisconsin Jeweler and Coin Dealer backed by over 27 Year Reputation of Dealing Honestly and Fairly. We will provide you with honest offers and will offer you a payment on the spot at the time of the transaction without wait.

We have earned our reputation by serving over 20,000 customers not only in Wisconsin but throughout the United States.

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