Top Dollar Paid for all your Unwanted Jewelry and Watches


You could be surprised at how much your gold jewelry is worth.

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Professional Appraisals

“Our expert appraisals provide peace of mind during unsettling times.”
— Anna Zuckerman, owner-designer

Diamond and gold prices have skyrocketed since 2003. Protecting your investment with present-day values is vital. In the event of a catastrophe, appraisals are necessary to preserve the value of your fine jewelry. Let our expert appraisers help you protect your investment for future generations. Appraisals can be done on-site or in the comfort of your home.

Our expert appraisals are always performed on a timely basis. We will provide your insurance company with expert photos as well as a written value.

Custom Design

“From serene to energetic; traditional to contemporary; our on-site designers capture your true essence of style.”
— Anna Zuckerman, owner-designer

How does our remarkably talented design team continue delivering the most striking, unique pieces that perfectly reflect our customer’s style and personality? We listen. We make the effort to get to know you by asking the questions at the heart of your style. Before we design any piece, we need to gain this valuable, personal insight in a one-on-one style session. Visit us at our location, or we can come to you. The result? An exquisite piece and a friend for life.

Plus with our state-of-the-art Virtual Jeweler Program, our on-site master goldsmiths and team of designers are able to identify metals and gems to recreate an heirloom or special piece from a faraway land that inspires you.

Expert Repairs

Be it your heirloom watch or new timepiece; a treasured jewelry keepsake or a recent jewelry acquisition–our knowledgeable, on-site master goldsmiths can repair it all. With over 45 years of experience, we are dedicated to maintaining your fine treasures for future generations.

Graduate Gemologists & Knowlegdable Sales Team

“Our expert sales team and gemologists are ready to help the moment you walk through our doors.”
— Anna Zuckerman, owner-designer

AC Zuckerman has several graduate gemologists on staff to assist you in the selection and education of your purchase.Anna Zuckerman, owner, designer and president, brings over 15 years of experience in the jewelry business. Her energy and enthusiasm for the business is evident in the successful relationships she has built with long-term customers, as well as in her unique and breathtaking designs.Store Manager Diana Brandt joined AC Zuckerman after retiring from her own store with 25 years of service. She has been with AC Zuckerman for the last 10 years and continues to share her wisdom of the jewelry business.The rest of our sales team is eager to assist you in your selection process. Be it a gift to pamper yourself or a piece for a friend or loved one, we are always here to help make your experience one to remember.

Complimentary Cleaning & Inspections

“Because we know when your gems shine, so do you.”
— Anna Zuckerman, owner-designer

AC Zuckerman offers complimentary cleanings and inspections because knowing diamonds are the hardest mineral, we understand and respect their need for care and detail to keep them looking their best. Did you know even the smallest deposit of grease on the surface of a stone can dull its reflection? Even a touch from a finger will leave a smudge of natural oil. And though diamonds are tough, diamonds can scratch other diamonds. Maintaining the value of your jewelry will help preserve it for generations to come.